Original Mixing

FutureRecords mixes with an Original Mixing Technique, filled with samples & edits.
The Mixes are all created with Ableton Live in The Hill Valley Sound Studios.
You can find all my mixes at HEARTHIS.AT and stream or download them for free.

NEW: FutureDanceMix 2023-10 + 2023-11

Your ears will be spoiled if you listen to my last 2 Mixes !
The waiting for these 2 FutureDancewMixes will be rewarded.
Listen or download this NEW MegaMix HERE

NEW: Café 90s YearMix 1991 Part 2

It has been a while, but here is the next YearMix
in the beautiful 90s series and already working on 1992!
Listen or download this NEW MegaMix HERE

Disclaimer Original Mixing
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