Original Mixing

FutureRecords always combines Original Mixing with samples, edits and tunes.
The Mixes are all created with Ableton Live and my inspiration.
The Café 80s and Café 90s Series are highly recommended!
You can download all these Mixes HERE

NEW: Back to Italo and SpaceSynth MegaMix

What Radio Stad Den Haag can do with your love for Italo.
In this brand NEW MegaMix I combined Italo and SpaceSynth with Classics.
Incl. Italo Samples and Edits you can enjoy 72 min of Original Mixing.
You can download this NEW Mix HERE

NEW: FutureDanceMix 2022-05

And if you want some surprising mashups, beats and edits,
Here is the new FutureDanceMix and the next one is coming soon.
You can download this NEW Mix HERE

Production Planning . . .

FutureDanceMix 2022-06
Café 90s YearMix 1990 Part 2
NDW MegaMix

Disclaimer Original Mixing
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