Where it all began...

When I was born music was in my blood.
By the age of 10 I had my first audio cassettedeck (Technics M205).
I used this to edit pieces of different songs together with this deck.
After a while some turntables and a sound mixer where added.
At the end of the eighties I had a Drive-in-Disco-Show which was called "LaserDance".
I was a DJ like this for about 5 years after when I stopped and changed to home mixing only.
Mid 90's the PC came, but in that time there wasn't much software for good mixing.
I started out with Cool Edit, now known as Adobe Audition.
Nice software, but way to complicated to get something done.
Early 2010 I switched to Ableton Live which allows me to create exactly what I want.
In 2006 I started with The Café 80s Megamixes which are my favourites!
Besides audiomixes I also make Jingles, Promo's and VideoEdits.
This is all created in my own Studio at my house called The Hill Valley Sound Studios.