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FutureRecords always combines an original mixing technique with samples, edits and tunes.
The Mixes are all created with Ableton Live.
The Café 80s and Café 90s Series are highly recommended!
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NEW: The Cafe 80s Yearmix 1986 Part 2

Hier is dan eindelijk het één-na-laatste deel van 1986.
We gaan nu van 111 -> 123 BPM.
En je leest het goed: Vanwege de vele hits in 1986
komt er binnenkort nog een laatste bonusdeel, Part 2.5
Je kunt deze NIEUWE Mix downloaden HIER

Here it finally is, the second last part of 1986.
Now we go from 111 -> 123 BPM.
And your reading it right: Because of the many hits in 1986
there will soon be a last BonusPart 2.5
You can download this NEW Mix HERE

Coming this year


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